Join the fast growing business in outdoor living with no franchise fees

If you are looking for an opportunity to add to your existing business or looking to start a new one, this business could be what you are looking for. Skeeter Shield has set up an easy to learn, low start-up cost business that can pay for itself in the first year.

Skeeter Shield has an affordable and proven system that can change your financial future, with an industry about to explode.  Investing in Skeeter Shield will provide a new avenue to owning your own business and controlling your own future.

Our protected territories allow our dealers to quickly move into 6 figure incomes because of the demand in such a new industry. The mosquito control industry currently has less than 2% market penetration nationwide.

Join our team today as more families are spending time at home adding on to their existing landscapes with backyard kitchens, waterfalls, pools, etc.  While more families are using these spaces to entertain at home and host special events, and want to guarantee their guests are having a great time. With this sometimes they forget or just put up with the fact that mosquitoes and bugs are just a fact of life in the backyard. This doesn’t have to be and our business will solve those issues, while providing an income for you.

How Skeeter Shield dealerships are different

Skeeter Shield dealers take pride increasing each person's enjoyment of time spent outdoors with family, friends, and pets all across the nation.  Our home office support team of highly qualified professionals strive to support both our dealers and their customers. 

Skeeter Shield offers dealership opportunities with no commitment franchise fees or loyalty fees.  Our low cost start up businesses include everything our dealers need to start their very own business, from application equipment and chemicals, to marketing materials and Skeeter Shield apparel.  Dealers are also set up with their very own customizable website and technical support programs. 

Join our team as the mosquito control industry continues to rapidly grow.  Contact us today and start taking control of your future.


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What our dealers are saying about thier Skeeter Shield business

Kevin Senger - Skeeter Shield of Central ND

" This is my first attempt at starting my own business and I jumped in with both feet.  I've researched the competition and reviewed franchise agreements!  Then I found Skeeter Shield and after a few conversations with them, I knew this was the company for me.   Their dealership agreement made more sense for me and the small market that we were in, I didn't have to worry about huge franchise and marketing fees!  The support is awesome from help with website design, marketing ideas and product knowledge, I could not be happier with the way things are going with my business and partners at Skeeter Shield.

The summer of 2015 was my 1st season and we did 130% of my 1st season projection.  The team at Skeeter Shield was there for me whenever I needed them and I look forward to my 2nd season with new challenges ahead!  I also look forward to my ultimate goal of running my business in the summer up here in North Dakota and living my winters in a warmer climate (semi-retired).

Thank you Skeeter Shield Team!"


Mike Ewing - Skeeter Shield of South MS

" Being an Agricultural Pilot for almost 40 years, I had the idea to do something like this a few years back and started searching for information, but I wasn't able to find anything.  I kinda put it on the back shelf for a few years.  When I decided to get serious I began to search again and there are several franchises out there now.  After contacting most of them I was about to decide to just do this on my own.  Then I found Skeeter Shield and contacted them.  I was impressed with their dealership plan and how they allow you to run your business without all the fees and cost of the other franchises.  Still they require professionalism and customer satisfaction.  Their help with marketing and products is a great tool to have.  I also like the fact that I can call or text anytime I need to and can get the info I need in a timely manner.  After two seasons with Skeeter Shield I am sure I made the right decision.  I feel sure that as the dealerships expand it will only be better for all involved. "


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