Control Your Mosquito Population Every 21 Days

Skeeter Shield Barrier Spraying treatments every 21 days are proven to SHIELD mosquitoes away.  Traditional mosquito control methods range from bug zappers, citronella candles, OFF repellants, DEET products and mosquito protection clothing and many more remedies to control mosquitoes.  None of these methods provide long lasting effectiveness and make going outside undesirable.  Skeeter Shield has the solution to reclaim your property and enjoy being outside without the labor and the time of practicing traditional methods.  Our barrier spray treatments are every 21 days during mosquito season and will ensure you make going outside fun again.  Allow family and friends to spend quality time and memorable events outside once again without the harmful pestering mosquitoes.  Sign up today to ensure you and your family are not putting yourself at risk of mosquito borne diseases or illnesses such as West Nile. 

Enjoy Professional Services

At Skeeter Shield only our certified professionals participate in the activity of ensuring your surroundings are Skeeter free. This way you can be rest assured that you enjoy the very best of services from the very best in the industry.